Monday, November 29, 2010

My sweetheart says Hi! :)

My sweetheart says Hi! :), originally uploaded by tipsytoes.

Returning to Flickr right on my birthday after one horrible exam, 3 movies, almost a month and lots of tears, of joy and sorrow.

And this baby in my hands, is my parents' gift to me on my 21st birthday :) :)
The Canon 1000d.

Thank you Aai. Thank you Baba.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When things don't go your way

When things don't go your way, 
It feels like it's just not your day, 
Looking overhead, the skies seem dull and grey, 
And once it's favorite child, you are now it's latest prey.. 

All the praying and wishing seems futile, 
You want to sleep, but you have to walk many a mile, 
Your troubles keep stacking up, in that big, no huge pile, 
And whatever you do, you just can't get yourself to smile.. 

Yes, those days, those sad sad days.. 
Suddenly you think you've been reminded of your place.. 
Looking upwards from the bottom of the ladder, 
When life's all swords and daggers.. 

Those days, those bad bad days, 
You're under fire, but trying to save your grace.. 
Going to sleep with a troubled mind, 
Wishing tomorrow wouldn't be another of such days.. 


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And when the results are out..

There are a lot of times when emotions just take over you.. and you fail to think rationally.. and most of the times it is because of the sheer amount of love you receive that makes you question whether you really deserve it. My college exams results were out this time and I scored a not-VERY-good 67% (the topper was at 82%) and the moment I calculated the percentage, I knew the score was not too good and was not going to help my aggregate. However, I did acknowledge the fact that the score could have turned out to be much worse and thanked God nevertheless.

And then it was time to call up my grandparents and tell them about my score.. and what followed was nothing short of magical. It so happened that my mom had already told them of my score when I was talking to a friend and I was greeted by the most energetic voices of my grandparents over the phone who could not stop praising my performance at the exam and went on to tell me that I had worked hard, and God always rewards those who work hard.The conversation lasted for a couple of minutes but not once could I sense anything other than pride in those soft, soothing voices that belonged to my grandparents..

As I put the phone down, I knew, the results were out.
The results were out, I was very lucky.
Very lucky indeed.

To have this unconditional love,
I was blessed and God had made a distinction.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spread some light.

Spread some light., originally uploaded by tipsytoes.

Blogging after a long hiatus..
It was a blogging hiatus of course, because I was occupied with exams and some other very uninteresting things.

As my favorite festival comes knocking again,
I share with you all this new photograph clicked by me.. this year, I have vowed not to indulge in bursting loud and polluting crackers and to have a totally eco-friendly Diwali. Enjoy the sweets, the festivities, the diyas, the warmth, the smiles on your relatives' faces, splurging on new clothes and getting gifts from your brothers on Bhai-dooj :)

Happy Diwali friends!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Silent rambling..

Everyone's parents warns them to study hard to get into a good grad school. Everyone tries, some not that much and like the author, end up in a not so good college for graduation. Everyone's parents tell them why it is so important to get into a good grad school and how good a launching pad it is. The thing is, you don't know EXACTLY what they mean unless you graduate from grad school, and someone you know graduates from an infinitely better grad school.. 

What that translates into is - 
Having lesser exposure
Having lesser pay 
Having a less attractive and challenging job
Missing the launchpad altogether 
Not having enough 'relevant' knowledge about the industry

and finally, 

falling behind in this big fat race called life 
Now I am not saying that this is happening to me because I am yet to finish my education. But the difference I note between students of a so-so college and those from a good college are too many to even count. I know that this should not mean a lot to many people who have a lot of belief in their capabilities but no one can deny  the amount of good a good college does to an individual. 

The pang when you see people your age excel at things you never imagined were possible, the things which you always thought were out of reach.. when all that starts happening, your parents' words ring truer than ever. 


Monday, September 13, 2010

Bleeding hearts

Bleeding hearts, originally uploaded by tipsytoes.

These flowers are called bleeding hearts...
You can see why :)

Clicked this photograph after many a try..
Really happy the way it has shaped up!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Some words just linger on..

Some words, some lines just stay on, long after you have heard them..
Some of them are the lines from the song Arziyaan from the album Dilli 6.

So simple, yet so profound..
Asking God to fix your destiny.. *sigh*

दरारे दरारे माथे पे मौला 
मरम्मत मुकद्दर की कर दो मौला . .

Monday, August 30, 2010


There are miracles in life I must achieve, 
But first I know it starts inside of me.

I believe I can fly

Sunday, August 29, 2010

When mush takes over the brain

When mush takes over the brain, 
You know it's time for the rains, 
Suddenly you find your motivation going down the drain, 
and the romantic in you is at the helm, with the reigns

A cup of hot steaming coffee, 
As you watch the rains lash and pour, 
Your favorite books kept close, 
As the wind slams open the doors

A frantic rush to the verandah, 
To gather all the clothes, 
Smiling at the half wet you, 
After a glance at the mirror you cannot control

And then the child inside beckons, 
Wanting to run out and splash around, 
Not a care in the world, 
Just wanting to go wild like the clouds

And then the phone rings, 
A dear friend's voice crackling through, 
Bringing that knowing smile on your face,
Something only a true friend can do

The longest conversation in the world, 
A marathon reading session, not missing a single word,
Endless cups of coffee, 
And after many many a sigh, 
You realize it's stopped raining, 
A dream, again, perhaps, another day.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Some things never age, they are simply timeless. One of them is the movie, "My Fair Lady", made in 1964 
starring one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace the screen, Audrey Hepburn and the dashing 
Rex Harrison, this movie just cannot be reviewed or rated, it simply has to be experienced at least once
in your lifetime.

A simple story about how an arrogant, phonetics professor takes on the challenge of 
passing a flower-seller on the street as a Duchess at an upcoming Royal Ball through change in her language
and speech, My Fair Lady touches your heart through it's simplicity, it's stress on the intrinsic
qualities of human nature, the gamut of expressions on display and through the terrific performance
by the entire cast. 

Though Rex Harrison went on to win the Oscar for his portrayal of Henry Higgins later
that year, it baffles me that Audrey Hepburn did not win an Oscar for her performance
in this movie, which was nothing less than exemplary. The supporting cast was also nominated for Oscars.

Not many may know, but a famous Marathi play by the name of Fulrani is an adaptation of 
My Fair Lady, being written and edited for marathi audiences by the legendary Pu.La.Deshpande. 
That's very good for trivia, but I would urge all you movie-lovers out there to watch this gem of a movie,
and if time permits, read Pygmalion, the book by G.B.Shaw, on which the movie is based.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Movie review: Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai

Title: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Kangna Ranaut, Prachi Desai, Randeep Hooda
Director: Milan Luthria
Producer: Ekta Kapoor

Yes, Mumbai is spelt that way in the movie's title and I am sure this 'spelling' has been edited because of Ekta Kapoor and her immense belief in numerology. That's it - that's the most I can attack Ekta Kapoor after watching Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai because she has proved her point, she has shut up her critics, and how!

OUATIM (Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai) is a movie all about the power tussle between two 
men who rose to power in Mumbai set in the 70's through questionable practises and dealings. 
The two main characters are Sultan Mirza and Shoaib Khan, whose characterisation borrows heavily from the real characters of Haji Mastaan and Dawood Ibrahim respectively. 

Set in the 70's, OUATIM begins with the story of Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgn), who, taking advantage of India's closed
economy, started smuggling things which were much in demand in India. Transistors, Two-in-ones, watches, soaps, television sets - all luxuries that the common Indian was deprived of because there were no foreign brands available in the country at that time. Though shown as a smuggler, Sultan has 
been shown as a principled man, a la Robin Hood - who steals from the rich and helps the poor.. certain scenes in the movie highlight this just and kind shade to his character, making it very interesting
and real. 

As the story progresses, the viewer is taken through a tale of power,ego,money,drugs,murder and smuggling as Shoaib Khan (Emraan Hashmi), starting off as Sultan's protege rises to challenge
his power and position in the 'trade'. I will not let out anything more about the plot as the real fun lies in watching all this unfold. 

Getting the looks and the details for a movie set in the 70's was not an easy task but full marks to the costume designers for getting the look right, for each and every character. Be it the hairstyles or the shoes, everything fit in perfectly.. one little gripe though - Emraan Hashmi's 6-pack did not quite fit in the scheme of things set in the 70's.. a normal 'healthy' look would have been better as Shoaib has been shown as a petty thief in the beginning sequences. 

Another delightful feature of the movie is the dialogues and the screenplay. The dialogues are so 
powerful that they remind one of those written for old Amitabh Bachchan classics like Zanjeer and Deewar. Rajat Arora does full justice to the 70's theme by writing power-packed dialogues, don't be surprised if you find yourself clapping in the theatre! Apart from that, the writing, again by Rajat Arora is crisp and taut. Well done, Mr.Arora!

Supported by well etched central characters and a nice storyline, the movie is taken to an altogether 
different level by Ajay Devgn's performance as Sultan Mirza. Borrowing from Haji Mastan's character, the similarities are too easy not to notice - the white clothes, the fling with a superstar, the ideals, the political angle.. however, Ajay Devgn breathes life into the character, making it very believable and powerful. Whenever he appears on screen, you are bound to get piqued - such is the power of his performance. Using his best assets,his eyes, to the maximum, Ajay Devgn adds one more role to the long list of brilliantly played serious roles in his career. Ably supported by Emraan Hashmi, Ajay and Emraan share a curious chemistry on screen, which is another strength of the movie.  Prachi has a miniscule role but is good.. same for Kangna, who has put up a decent act, looking ethereal throughout 
the movie.

After Taxi no 9211 and Hattrick, Luthria makes a great comeback with OUATIM while Ekta Kapoor adds one more good film to her kitty after Shootout At Lokhandwala. Overall, OUATIM is a great watch and will tell you lots about India in the 70's... watch as the film makes you rewind to the 70's, in style!

Rating - 3.5/5

Friday, August 6, 2010


Caught up with the movie - 'Once Upon A Time in Mumbai' - review will follow shortly :)

Apart from that,
have discovered the joy of multi-tasking once all over again -  juggling college, departmental forum, CAT preparation, a media internship and what not. But it has been absolute fun! There is no doubt about that. Now I know what people mean when they say they wished there were more than 48 hours in a day!

That reminds me of some lines from one of my favorite songs Vienna by Billy Joel -

Slow down, you crazy child, 
You're so ambitious for a juvenile, 
But then if you're so smart, 
Tell me why are you still so afraid? 
Where's the fire? What's the hurry about? 
You'd better cool it off before you burn it out, 
You got so much to do, and only so many hours in a day.. 

Why don't you realize? 
Vienna waits for you.. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Udaan : Flying high, like a bird in the sky..

The first movie review of my blog and it had to be this gem of a movie called Udaan. 
Udaan was this year's official selection in the Un Certain Regard at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and that itself had created a lot of buzz about this movie and I am so happy to state that it has lived up to  all expectations. 

Udaan revolves around Rohan, a 17 year old kid who gets expelled from his boarding school and has
to return to his hometown, to his father who he has not met for the last 8 years. Rohan comes
back to the rude shock of finding a complete stranger in the form of his father - an emotionally detached, emotionally damaged sadist who tramples over Rohan's dream of becoming a writer, and forces him to study in an engineering college, and subsequently help him out at his not-exactly prospering steel factory. 

What follows is a brave-hearted teenager's tale of how he overcomes all hurdles, of how he gets beyond a father who asks him to 'stop flying, and keep his feet on the ground' and finally break all shackles for the flight of his life, the flight of his dreams. 

Udaan is everyone's film, especially if there has been a single moment of friction between you and your father. One cannot help but feel the connect with the movie in various scenes, many, which people might feel, to be straight out of their lives. The frustration of a father, his own concerns, of earning well and parenting his kids, the angst  of a rebellious teenager who is fed up of his dominating dad, the caring paternal uncle, the silent younger brother.. Udaan is realistic in every sense of the word. 

What's even more beautiful is the way the movie has been treated. Shot at a modest production cost, Udaan more than makes up by the beautiful cinematography and screenplay. Crisp and effective, the scenes will stay on with you long after the movie has ended. Each frame, each shot, so laboriously put together that the entire movie feels like a poem, like one of those the protagonist, Rohan recites during the movie.. Udaan unwinds at it's own pace but never bores you. Udaan is poetry it motion. 

Two thumbs to Vikram Motwane for his eye for detail in this outstanding debut feature. Hats off to Anurag Kashyap for backing Vikram and such a beautiful story with everything he could. Hats off to the casting director, Jogi for such apt casting for each and every role and special mention to Satyanshu whose poems have been used in the movie. 

The selection of Jamshedpur as the location where the story unfolds is another brilliant choice, with the city feeling like a character in the story- leading to the different situation in the film. The steely, cold, industrial feel of Jamshedpur complements the father, Bhairav Singh's cold, icy demeanour. Also interesting is the fact how Udaan later turns to be a sub-story of two sets of brothers - Bhairav and his brother, Rohan and Arjun. One could go on with the metaphors used in the movie, and I leave it to you to discover and relish the numerous metaphors used - right from Bhairav Singh's Ray-ban glares which never leave his eyes to morning jog, used so aptly throughout the movie. 

Udaan makes you laugh, it makes you cry. The end is open to all kinds of theories and assumptions, and that is Udaan's true victory. It does not imply anything, it just narrates a story in the most beautiful manner. 

Coming to the cast, Rajat Barmecha is first rate as the young Rohan, just having crossed over to the adolescent stage of his life, craving for love, attention and freedom and coming to terms with life's realities. Ayaan Boradia who plays Rohan's step brother, Arjun is another delight - his eyes say it all.. fantastic choice. 

The true show-stealer, however, was Ronit Roy who had the guts to accept and perform such a complex role as that of Bhairav Singh. He is just brilliant! It was very easy to let this role look like a caricature, make the audience completely hate the character but Roy gives a very human touch to the character of the seemingly tyrannical Bhairav Singh, giving us a faint idea of why he is that way, never redeeming himself but enough to make the audience's heart go out to him in those few scenes. Ram Kapoor lends able support and the supporting cast is great. 

All in all, Udaan is a must watch if you are a cinema-buff - because THIS is what true cinema is all about- this is what storytelling is, this is how a story soars - how it takes Udaan 

Rating - *****
Do NOT miss this one!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look for more ..

People LOOK so brutal, so dangerous, so rude, so annoying, so full of themselves, so vain, so proud, so arrogant.. and if something does not happen between you and that person concerned, you will remain with that 'idea' of them - whether it is right or wrong - justified or not justified..

From my experience,
People who look dangerous/brutal/rude/annoying/arrogant are sometimes the most wonderful human beings ever with some problems of their own which they do not want to discuss with anyone else. If you want to invest in something, invest in getting to know a person more - you will be surprised how much the results surprise and hearten you


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monsoon masti!

Today I purposely splashed water on two unsuspecting motorists by revving my car into a pool of water which had gathered near a speed-breaker, thereby completely drenching them in water!

Now that I think of it, I don't know why I did it..
maybe the rain-induced humidity, irritation and delays got to me, the devil inside me snared up!

I should be feeling guilty, but I feel SO happy.
It is like getting back at ALL people who ever splashed water/mud on me on a rainy day!
*evil smirk*

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yester-me, Yesterday :)

What happened to the world we knew
When we would dream and scheme
And while the time away
Yester-me Yester-you Yesterday .. 

Where did it go, the yesterglow
When we could feel 
The wheel of time turn our way
Yester-me Yester-you Yesterday.. 


Amazing song and beautiful lyrics by the one and only Stevie Wonders :)

This song makes me so nostalgic - transports me right back to my childhood where
the priorities were so different, when being happy was one of the easiest things in the world, when there was so much time to while away.. where scheming was nothing by innocent complaints to mom and dad about your sibling or cousin or friend.. 

This song REALLY makes me wonder how and why all this changed.. that too before I came to know of it. I feel the transition happened too soon. I've had a fantastic childhood, but the feelings that songs like these evoke, just make me wish I could have been able to hold on to those beautiful moments of carefreeness, of joy, a little bit more.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Black and white :)

Rangeen hai ye duniyaa,
Haseen hai ye safar,
Phir bhi humsafar,
Black and white me hum khwaab dekha karte hai :)

Music - the key to your soul

Sometimes, when I am sitting by myself - all alone, with a million thoughts racing through my mind, I need some clarity. I need some thing that will help channelize all these thoughts or atleast something that will provide me with some peace, no matter how long it lasts. In this case, no matter how long the 'song' lasts.

I have realized.
For every mood, I have the song which always fits that frame of mind. I have an unique song for each and every possible mood that I know I can encounter - happiness, sadness, euphoria, betrayal, helplessness, philosophical, sentimental, loneliness.. every single mood, every single emotion.

It's funny, it's strange how a song can say so much..
Say and express so much that it feels like your song. Feels like it was written just for you..
That is the power of music, that is the power of that perfect song.. which always seems to mirror
your emotions and put them into words, into that wonderful melody.. which you can enjoy in peace, with your eyes closed.. when you're in peace with your emotions, the world, yourself.

No matter how long it lasts..
no matter how long the song lasts..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I don't appreciate

1) Double standards
2) Men being rude to women
3) Swearing in public
4) Spitting/smoking in public places
5) Child labor
6) Rude teachers
7) Impatient parents
8) Insensitive friends
9) Cruelty towards animals
10) Arrogance

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some priceless things..

Two big events have made me look back at things that I have been taking for granted for the last many years, things that not everyone enjoys and things that no amount of money can buy and turn to happiness. Those two events are the Mangalore Air India crash that happened just a few days ago and the amazing one week holiday spent with cousins and extended family that concluded today.

These two events, although unconnected have managed to make me aware of a lot of things, clear up a lot of misguided notions about life, it's fragility, of time racing against you and everyone else, of love and death, of conditions and terms, of fate and destiny. The Mangalore Air Crash and the horrific visuals relayed from the site of the crash was nothing short of appalling to someone like me who would have liked some sensitive reporting from the Indian media at the time of such crisis. It made me realize that there may be, there is a grander plan for all of us and there is a part that we all have to play, but let us not forget that the part to play could end tomorrow, for you never know which day is your last.

Sorry if I sound gloomy, but I'd rather take my mortality in good spirit and make the most  of my life - no matter how short or how long it is. If there is ONE thing that the crash has taught me is to maximize all the happiness one can get in his/her lifetime and cherish those times, have no regrets and move on.

The second event is a happy one. Actually, it is one of those amazing times that I have spent with my cousins and extended family, one of those that just stays on in your heart. After a lot many years, 7 of us cousins were together for the summer vacations this time - one full week! What a feeling it was to feel the connect with these people I love, all over again. Such a great overwhelming emotion of being loved, being cherished..

And not only cousins, spending time with my extended family - a total of 35 people in the same house - was the perfect retreat I needed from a world full of conniving people ready to stab you in the back any moment. It was this summer that I rediscovered the joy of family and togetherness, this summer that I have realized, all over again, how lucky I am to get such a lovely family who love me unconditionally and will always do so. These things may not seem very important to people.. but for me, they are priceless..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

WHAT is more important?

Movies like Raavan and Kites, made at enormous budgets with publicity allotments worth crores wanting a bigger share of the audience market?


Movies like Udaan, made by a first timer, so good that it was included in an official selection at Cannes?

Is this a difficult choice?
The Indian media sure seems to have some messed up priorities!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Everything falls into place..

People have many ways to deal with it : some people spend their whole lives trying to deal and cope with it, some people run scared of it all the time : what most of us dread : rejection

Rejection, for the first-timer, is very difficult to take. The first dent that someone takes, the first rejection is indeed heartbreaking for most. Sometimes there does not seem anything beyond rejection : no matter how big or small. Sometimes, one rejection is enough to dissuade from taking up the cause or even something similar again in their entire life.When such a situation stares us in the face, it is is truly difficult to try and remain composed, leave optimistic.

I, for one, believe that everything is eventually a part of a grand design. If something was not obtained or achieved, it is because in the larger picture, there is something even better planned for you. This is my philosophy in life which has helped me get over a lot of downs in life. Don't worry if things are not looking that great - have faith in yourself and your abilities, start over - everything, and I mean everything will fall into place, yes, it will


Monday, May 10, 2010

Talking of trains..

Talking of trains because I have just returned from a long 12 hour train journey and I could not
stop myself .. stop myself from thinking about the sleeping arrangement in our trains, by which I meant the Indian Railways.. it has always interested me- these tactics, to fit in the most amount of people in the least amount of space available..

And as I tried to fall asleep on a side berth, my mind wandered off to other countries, thinking how the sleeping arrangements in those trains must be like?

For the uninitiated, the sleeping arrangement by Indian Railways looks like this -

If you know of the sleeping arrangements in trains of other countries, do share them with me..
Also equally welcome are your 'sleeping' experiences aboard the Indian Railways


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There are some days...

There are some days, like today, when I think - 

"Oh God! Look at the amount of digital trash people generate!"

(including me)

*tongue in cheek*

Monday, May 3, 2010

My brother

Dear brother,
Sometimes you make it very hard to love you
But most of the times,
you make it impossible not to.

There are those special moments,
when I realize that you are the perfect foil,
to me, and all that I have grown up to be in all these years,
you've seen me grow and change

I've seen you grow and change
and I remember when you tagged along wherever I asked you to
and now I see you happily surrounded by friends
and I get a tad jealous
wishing one of those people was me

But I know, somewhere deep inside,
You love me just the same,
You don't have to show it..
You don't.. because I love you too

Dear brother,
I love you ..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you know what it feels like..

When nature plays a game with you.. when the earth lays parched because of the summer's
onslaught, after weeks of heat.. you see the big grey saviors in the sky..those grey clouds that make
you both scared and happy..

Scared because somewhere inside of you, a kid is still scared of thunder and lightning..
Happy because you can't wait to smell the earth the way it smells when the first
drops of rain hit the ground.. you look on as nature creates the perfect build up..

Before you know it, there are clouds everywhere.. circling in with great speed.. you can see
the sky go through unbelievable tones of the grayscale.. as you can feel yourself hold
your breath when the wind starts blowing.. when you can hear the howling.. the speed, the intensity..

Do you know what it feels like when after all this, the clouds pass over and there is not a single drop of rain?


Feels like someone ruined a perfect relationship.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

To be loved..

A famous thought says that there is nothing better in this world than to be loved. My perception differs just a tad bit because I think

There is no greater pleasure in this world than to love and be loved

 Am sure you got the meaning. I mean, there must be so many people out there who lose their hearts to somebody and they do not know where the relationship is heading, if there is any relationship or not, if there is a scope for any.. is it possible?

To be sure that the person you love thinks you of the same way must be one of the most difficult things in the world and the reason why I think so is because of my friends' accounts of their failed proposals to boys/girls and how they always thought that the other person loved them just the same. In such situations, I really don't know what to say because one thing is for sure.. there just cannot be anything comforting to say at this time rather than the cliched -

"Hey, atleast you know!"

What do you say to a friend who is in this situation? I would really like to know..
For I just cannot figure it out!

 PS: Akansha, if you're reading this - am sorry if this blogpost seems similar to the one on your blog
but one of my friends really needs help :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When the visit to you favorite bookstore turns BAD!

Ok so the story goes like this.. it was a darn hot day with an average of 40 degree celcius. Come 5 pm and after glasses of cold coffee made at home, the temptation of going to my favorite bookstore (Crosswords) .. catching up with the most awesome books.. sitting there in that airconditioned place, relaxing and reading - the two things I love to do most..

With that thought, I drove to my favorite bookstore and then my mother called me up and asked
me to get a book called "Games People Play" by Eric Berne. I agreed and went over to the information counter, telling him the name of the book which he then entered into the library management software on the computer.. this guy was a trainee..

1) Task 1 :  Type in the name correctly
Thankfully, he did not mess up with the name and told me that the book was indeed available and strutted confidently over to a certain section of the bookstore. I was a happy girl.

2) Task 2 : Searching for the book
Clearly, this book was not about Travel and Cooking and that is why- after waiting for 5 minutes as this trainee guy searched in the wrong (apparently) column, I took a walk around and caught up with the glossies.. a good 15 minutes later, mr.trainee was searching in the philosophy section and I was almost pulling my hair out..

Finally, I lost my patience and asked him - "Excuse me, do you not know the genre the book belongs to?" and I was totally stunned to hear the answer which came almost instantly -
"Maam, there is no separate section for psychology books"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this situation... however, I asked another trainee to speed up the search process..

3) Task 3 : Remembering the name
The other guy came to help mr.trainee out.. I sighed audibly and turned around as the other guy asked him the name of the book he was searching for.. and to my utter amazement, mr.trainee could not remember the name!

He said -
"Games played by someone... people are playing.. people's games.. something  like that"

I stood there *jaw drop* .. in a BAD way!
And if that was not all, as I walked over to the regional section, I saw the hindi version of 'Chicken Soup for the soul' and .. wait for it.. it was named.. wait for it..

Aatma ke liye Amrut - pehla pyaala!

PS: They did not find the book.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Questions and Answers =)

Questions, questions .. so many questions ..
So many of them that life throws our way ..
Is your answer another question?
Is your question another answer?
You may not always have it your way ..

Questions, questions .. so many imperfections ..
What do you do when a question encounter you may ..
Dont run away from those questions ..
You dont always need to run after perfection ..
Because at the end of the road ..
Life is a question ..
And only you have the answer..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting bored is a luxury!

Here I week after my third year woof engineering has ended, in the lap of luxury, surrounded by all the worldly pleasures..a new iPad, a new mobile phone, a gaming system, driving around in a car, learning Vedic maths..and suddenly, there is this moment in the day when I just have to exclaim that I am getting bored.

The moment the thought or the words reach my mouth, I shake it off..throwing out that very sensation out of my system as it reminds me of the time I have wasted because of this one word..the word called bore/boring. The word reminds me of all the things I could have done in the years gone by if I would have just gotten rid of the laziness and do all the things which were possible then and aren't possible now.

For instance,
If I had not been so 'bored' when I was young, maybe the time spent with friends would be much more than the time spent on computer games with no outcome. I would have learnt a new language, learnt a new art, honed my cricket skills, learnt how to play a guitar..

Luckily or unluckily, I have realized now that even being bored is a luxury I can no longer afford and the day I will consider myself worthy of wasting time on the pretext of being bored will be the day when I have acheived something substantial in my life.

For the time being, I am learning Vedic mathematics, making new friends, investing in relationships, learning German and being an obedient disciple to my grandmother in her out of the world cooking sessions, whilst she teaches me how to cook all the things I love..

Miles to go before I sleep,
Miles to go before I sleep

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things I love - part II

Just HAD to continue this one : 

I love // in particular order 
1) Pets
2) Chick-flicks
3) Rainbows
4) That 'perfect' cuppa coffee
5) Home made food
6) Pedicures
7) Swimming pools
8) Water parks
9) The smell of rain
10) Smart men in tuxedos
11) Ball room dancing
12) Eternal romantics
13) Dimples
14) A baby's smile 
15) Raymonds Ads
16) James Bond
17) Bollywood
18) The Apple gadgets - ALL of them
19) Sachin Tendulkar
20) Puran Poli // A Maharashtrian dish


Monday, April 12, 2010

My friends..

The title may be explanatory but I intend to present my friends and my feelings about them in a really different manner. Through the course of the last few months, I have been, by sheer good luck, been able to create totally non overlapping groups of friends, who, luckily - like it that way. And what's even better is that I have been able to remain friends with them without evils like bitching and backbiting and classic mis-communication coming our way. There are some interesting observations that I have been able to make about the friends in my life.. and interestingly, ALL of them fall into one category or the other -

1) The 'old' friends
There are some friends who used to be my world while I was in school. These people continue to have an important place in my life but sadly, our bond has not been able to grow into something else over time. These were my lifeline in school, my very first secret-keepers and my first girls. I still love them and all the fond memories that they have left in my heart, to be cherished forever.

2) The 'classic' friends
There are some friends who just 'click' , who you can tune with almost instantly. These are people who become your friends before you know it.. and as is the case with me, these friends remain the best - bringing out the best in me with their spontaneity.. and by just being who they are - no frills atached.

3) The 'phone-buddies'
There are some friends who I can talk to for hours and hourssss and enjoy conversations over the largest possible range of topics important in life. It is not that our interactions in real life are any less, but however, our telephonic conversations dominate

4) The virtual friends
People who I have seldom or never met in real life but people who I know inside out. Some of them are new to me and my life and I am still getting to know them. Virtual friends are the wittiest and the most 'fun' people ever.. because there dont have to be any restrictions in the interaction. Yay!

5) The 'coffee' friends
Friends to go out and have that perfect cuppa coffee with. Friends with no hang ups.. chilled out, relaxed and with time to spare. Absolutely great people to bare you heart out to and just enjoy and soak in the moments of togetherness and friendship

6) The 'friends' of friends
Friends of friends, aaaaaah .. the common discussion topic always happens to be the common friend. But mind you, friends of friends have the potential to grow into the most trusted confidantes as well!

7) The soul sisters
These are not just friends, they are much more.. 
These are my girls, who always know what to say and do; girls who will always hear me out and tell me what to do next. Girls who can always comfort me with their resounding laughter and the big wide warm smile. Girls who possess a part of my heart <3

And to all ALL these friends,
I just want to let you know - I am so happy and SO thankful to God for sending you all into
my life and making it such a wonderful journey. Thank you guys and gals for making this world a better place just by being in it


Friday, April 9, 2010

My favorite advertisements - Part 1

Ever since I was introduced to the wonder called color television, the things I would look forward to the most were the advertisements - not that I knew the concept behind them at that time, but just the idea of an entire story being compressed into those 30 seconds was so appealing to me.. and add to that - when I was a kid, and even now when I am 20, there are some absolutely brilliant adverts on air.. and here's an ode to all the truly memorable advertisements, some to make any Indian truly nostalgic -

1) The 'Amul' ad..
Amul - the white revolution, Dr.Kurien.. Amul was undoubtedly one of the biggest brands of milk and milk products in India. This is undoubtedly one of the most sincere advertisements I have ever watched. Have been looking for the original song ever since. Amul <3

2) Cadbury
This is from the time when Shankar Mahadevan used to compose and sing for ad jingles.. and he ended up creating one of the sweetest melodies ever.. captures the joy and the happiness a Cadbury Dairy Milk can bring.. so so well!

3) Dhara cooking oil

Just one word for this - Jalebeeeeee <3

4) Bajaj automobiles
This one just goes to show how pure the advertising was in the 90s.. no frills, no sham.. but played on the emotional aspect of brand-building so so well.. Hamara kal, hamara aaj, hamara Bajaj <3

Just these for the time being people,
Will be back for more


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are you FONT-crazy?

Think about that question, because I certainly am..
I am REALLY upset that Blogger/blogspot supports such limited fonts =[

So, dearies - I have some uber cool font sites to fulfill all your font cravings <3



Try them out,
and do let me know how you liked them


Mwah.. lots of love..

If I were..

Picked this post from Blunt Edge's blog, and could not resist posting =]

If I were a month, I'd be December
If I were a day of the week, I'd be Monday (love the beginning of a brand new week)
If I were a time of day, I'd be be 8:00 (great time to wake up)
If I were a season, I'd be spring (blossom time!)
If I were a planet, I'd be Venus (beauty and much more)
If I were a sea animal, I'd be a dolphin <3
If I were a direction, I'd either NNW or SSW (hehe)
If I were a piece of furniture, I'd be the large floppy sofa set with recliner seats
If I were a liquid, I'd be Coca Cola :D
If I were a tree, I'd be an Oak tree (royal)
If I were a tool, I'd be a Swiss Knife
If I were an element, I'd be Hydrogen
If I were a gemstone, I'd be Ruby
If I were a musical instrument, I'd be the flute/sitar
If I were a color, it would be black
If I were a emotion, I'd be euphoria
If I were a fruit, I'd be an Alphonso mango
If I were a sound, I'd be the pitter patter of rain
If I were a car, I'd be the Volkswagen Beetle
If I were a food, I'd be Fettucine Alfredo
If I were a tasty, I'd be zingy
If I were a scent, I'd be the smell of petrol
If I were a pair of shoes, I'd be Nike =P

PS :
I tag Sugar Cube, Chengdi and Niraj to continue this


Monday, April 5, 2010

Things my dog taught me..

For the uninitiated - this is Joy - my third pet after Simba (who looked exactly like him) and Snoopy (who was a Doberman)..
 When I was a little kid, my father had two dogs, one was a mongrel called Sonu and the other was a Pomeranian. Ofcourse, I was too young at that time, and as I grew up, and as the dogs grew old and died, I tried to understand why my father loved those dogs so much. When I grew up, my mother told me she had a dog who lived for 14 years and I could see the love she had, still, for her Mapso =]

Come 1997,
Me, 8 years old, and I come back from school one day to find my parents looking at me and my younger brother with that excited smile on their faces. We went upstairs and our parents stood in front of the couch on the side, we could not understand why. Only when my father moved his legs a little, was I introduced to the biggest wonder that a boy/girl can ever have - no, it's no video game, it's not a bicycle - it was the most adorable pup on the planet and we decided to name him Simba.

Simba was a bundle of joy, partial to my mother, VERY attentive to my father's commands who he treated as his master (incidentally - there is only one person in each family who the dog obeys unconditionally - who in the truest sense, is the dog's master) and always wagging his tail with joy. When he was tired and let his tongue out loose, you'd say he was smiling because that is what his face looked like.. there was never a dull moment with Simba around - who used to sneak under the dinner table for scraps, snuggle up on stranger's feet and go sleep on them, let small kids pull his ears and sit on him, run around like crazy when it was too hit, try and catch birds in the garden.. he was all this and more..

Simba gave me a lot of happiness and a lot of good memories but the biggest gift Simba gave me was to teach me how to be truly selfess and really love without expecation, love without reason and love with all your self. No matter what the time, Simba would come to me at one call. When I returned home from school, Simba would already be there, waiting at the fates, always - there was not a single day when Simba did not meet me at the gate/door when I came back from school; not a single day when he would let me get away without him licking my face crazy; not a single day when he would not tell me how much he loved me.

He was my first dog, he was my first pet - he was my baby. He was the first person in whose upbringing I was completely involved. He was the first person I talked to on my birthday, early in the mornings, just to watch him tilt his head and quirk his eyebrows. He was my best friend, the best listener, the true faithful.

When Simba died,
I was heartbroken, and I did not know what to do as I saw a set of strangers bury my beloved dog in the ground in front of my house. I bawled like a baby and the hurt has not gone yet. But that is the beauty of having pets, that is the irony -

You know, you always know that they are not going to outlive you,
And yet, yet they value you more than anyone else..

There are so many things my pets have taught me..
And the biggest one of them was to love

Thank you Simba, may you always rest in peace.
Thank you Snoopy, for being the angel who always listened.
Thank you Joy, for continuing to make my days with your twinkling eyes

Thank you 


Friday, April 2, 2010

Do you really 'talk' on the phone?

I was forced to ask this question to myself and everyone around me after a 
particularly harrowing experience on the phone with a 'friend', an ex-gym trainer and 
a very distant relative - who all, believe it or not, decided they had to call on a single day. Here are my experiences and 
trust me, none of these do I want to have again - 

1) Talking with a 'friend'
The friends that I am referring to here, are not bosom buddies or people you cannot live without- they are
simply people who you have to live with if you want to have some amount of fun in your
non-happening college or workplace or whatever- someone  you are not particularly fond of, but someone
you can kill time with- do you know such a person? Haha.. imagine being on the phone with such a person
for no rhyme or reason just wondering why you are having the conversation in the first place. The other person calls you and asks you his/her queries, you answer his/her questions with some smalltalk and yes- that is supposed to be the end of the conversation. But implying this to some people seems to be the most difficult job on earth! HOW do you get off the phone with a friend who refuses to hang up? 

2) Talking with my ex-gym trainer 
The call begins with a - "Hello Maim, you haven't been coming to gym lately" and hey! I cannot believe 
what this person is talking about because I haven't been to the gym for over an year now..I explain that to him and the trainer shoots back with another dimwitted question - "So, you don't exercise anymore" I am about to tell him to mind his own business and flatly say "No" 

And YET, he comes back with a "Not even a morning walk, Ma'am?" and I am all set to pull out all my hair..just how, how, HOW are you supposed to be really rude on the telephone - if it is an art, I am really unable to get the hang of it..because somehow I just cannot bring myself to shout or be rude with someone on the telephone!

3) Talking with the very distant relative 
Trust me guys and girls, this is the absolute worst of the lost. A person you hardly know or remember calls up, and expects you to recognize him/her over the telephone. The feelings that run through your mind are indescribable - you feel a sudden urge to slam down the receiver and then later, if the person calls back, tell him that there was a disconnection OR you deal and dodge the question to the best of your ability. The 'formalities' that follow always leave me squirming because I never know HOW to talk with a relative who I know so little about, who is elder to me, because of this inane fear that I will be at a risk of being asked a question about some other relative! Some other relative, about whom, too, I will have no clue at all.

Well well well, 
all this may paint me as an insensitive person but really, I am not.
The problem is - I can visualize the person on the other side and I perceive the voice as another human, another being, another entity, someone who you MAY bump into any time without warning and at that time, you would not want to be sorry about the manner in which you spoke to them over the phone!

My question is : Do you?

Somethings just 'click' =]

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They said IPL is the young cricketer's game! BAH!

When the Indian Premier League kick-started for 2010, one was accustomed to listen to the same old commentators, the same old people in India who think they know everything about cricket and that they are the final authority on the subject - that IPL is not for the 'old' cricketers - or those who are nearing their retirement.

And then..

Cometh the hour, 
Cometh the man.. 

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Not just the captain of the Mumbai Indians, which is sitting pretty at the top of the table, but also one of the highest run-grossers of the tournament! Sample this - 303 runs from 6 innings - a staggering average of 60.60 and now his kitty boasts of 7 IPL fifties.. whoa!

If just numbers make up the stuff that pleases the commentators and shuts up the critics, this man has it all! He proves again and yet again, that age is just a number.. a wizard can display his magic anywhere..

And certainly -

Old is gold


That does feel good. Being a staunch Sachin loyalist, just had to get this out of my system. Go Sachin! Rock and roll!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I love - Part 1

I love - // In no particular order
1) Creating my own style
2) Leaving a mark
3) Black and white
4) Fresh dew on grass
5) Multicolored sunsets
6) Calm oceans
7) Comfortable bermuda shorts
8) Baggy jeans
9) Soulful music
10) Guitar chords
11) Selfless love
12) High speed internet
13) Shows that make me laugh - Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai
14) Cousins
15) Friends
16) Spotless whites
17) Vanilla with hot chocolate
18) College fests
19) Penne and Fettucine
20) Ball room dancing
21) Deep brown eyes
22) Long black hair
23) A big wide smile
24) Resounding laughter

To be Continued..


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some boxes should be turned upside down =]

No, this is not a sentimental post and nor is it philosophical.It is just about the random things in life that always make me happy. It was just yesterday, that my mom gifted me a pair of beautiful Nike shoes - and as always, the shoes were perfect. However, when the procedure of trying out the new shoes and walking/running around in them had been done with, something happened and the box that the shoes came in, was turned upside down. This box was going straight to the dustbin if not for my intervention because I am always on the lookout for such quirky things.

They say, inspiration can come from anywhere. And for me, somehow, the Nike sign has always been a sign of inspiration and more so it's famous tag line - "Just Do it!" Three simple words - but they mean so much..don't think, just do it. Don't look for reasons, just go ahead and do it. Don't crib around do nothing, get up and just do it. Don't let others bog you down, just do it. Three simple words, three magical words for me.. the simplistic logo and the minimalistic yet so universally appealing tag line really does something to me whenever I see it. That is why, the photograph above, that shows the bottom of the Nike shoe box is kind of special for me. Yeah, I know, you must think I am really weird.. but I'd like to maintain I am really random .. you never know what thing just pops up and grabs your attention!

As we are now talking about the brand, one more reason why I love it dates back to the time when Nike and Adidas were having this huge marketing war with each brand trying to outdo the other. Adidas went a little further and started twisting Nike's taglines to appear on it's clothing line.

When Nike said - Just Do It
Adidas printed - Why Do It?

When Nike said - There is no finish line
Adidas said - When there is no finish line, why bother?

I am no Adidas hater but the extent to which the brand went, vying to outdo Nike always had me glued to the action. Nevertheless, without resorting to such jabs, Nike stuck to it's clean avatar and in the end Nike proved another of it's tagline true-
No Games, Just Sports.

Gosh, that was REALLY random.. but hey - just wanted to share these little things with everyone.. if you are reading this, do let me know which one you prefer - Nike or Adidas? Till then, let inspiration come from all places!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Education - Learning.. correction- ROTE-learning!

Day in and day out, for the last 20 years - the syllabus for Computer Science for my University had remained unchanged. NO, this is not a joke - for a stream like Computer Science where technologies become the toast of the town and then equally efficiently labelled as obsolete, students of Computer Science and Engineering have been reading the same books, answering the same questions in the answers, memorizing instead of learning and reproducing like a robot - their understanding nil and their brain functioning like some volatile memory..the moment the exams are over and done with, pooh! There goes your subject and there goes the understanding, if any, of it..

The photograph that I have inserted into this blog - is of a book explaining microprocessors and microcontrollers. This particular book, obtained from an old book market has passed through the hands of countless students - at times of sessionals, unit tests and ofcourse - the dreaded University Exams. Time and time again,I find me asking one question to myself - Is there really any use to studying like this? When I say studying, it's just for the namesake, because there is no understanding/conceptual basis involved in whatever I am learning, and the main prerogative at this period of time is to obtain good marks in the examination. However did things go so downhill? Learning and studying at the school where I studied till the Xth grade was so much fun.. it was delightful- with teachers doting over you, the homely atmosphere, the relevance of what we were learning deeply instilled within..

But not anymore..

Wont elaborate on the factors, they are too many.. they say a bad workman always blames his tools.. but here, the tools - the environment, the total mindset has to be blamed, and that does not exclude me and my viewpoint towards the local education system, fully aware that an Engineering degree from Nagpur University does not hold ANY value outside my city.. or for that matter, even inside it..

Yes, you are not mistaken - this IS an exam post.. and this is the same question that comes to my mind every semester of the last 3 years of my Engineering course.. with just 1 more year left with me, I just hope I can make things right and really do something worthy so that I can justify the 'Er.' in front of my name as and when I can get it..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Theme/ Thanks Karthik!

This AWESOME new theme is all thanks to my friend, Karthik.
Thanks a lot, dude..

This is sheer awesomeness!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Up' wins 2 Oscars!

In reference to my earlier post about awesome animated movies, I am VERY glad to share this news with you - at Hollywood's grandest celebration of cinema and talent, 'Up' won 2 Oscars!
The first for the Best Animated Feature Film and the second for the Best Original Sound Track..


More reasons for you to go watch

Sunday, March 7, 2010

SACH is life =D

Though it's a little late for this.. but yes.. the celebration for this man is never going to die. For me, he has transcended into something even bigger than the game - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.
Now, the fact that I am sharing this piece of art with you is because I had made it 2 years ago.. and using it now seems to be the best thing to do


Thursday, March 4, 2010

No more 'cartoons' ..

The recent releases from the animation industry - full length animation movies have literally made us change our view and perception towards an industry which was, for long, thought to be meant to cater only to a target audience of kids and teens. For the last 3 years, the animation industry, spearheaded by Pixar and Disney, have rolled out not one, not two but three masterpieces which, in this humble writer's opinion - everyone MUST watch. Two of the three movies that I am going to mention have won the Oscar in 2007 and 2009. The third on the list has been nominated for the 'Best Picture' category for the 2010 Oscars and there are a lot of reasons why it might just end up, as the winner..without much ado, let us kick-start the glorious list -

1) Ratatouille (2007)
Does the name ring a bell? Do you recall Remy? Remy, the rat who dreamt of becoming a chef? Yes, the plot of the movie may really seem amateur but the handling of the movie and the sheer emotional texture of the movie sets everything right. Made three years ago by Pixar, Ratatouille opened to amazing critical and popular reviews and in days to come, was a runaway hit and among many other honors, was awarded the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2007. A simple, unbelievable at first, story of a rat who is so passionate about cooking and a lively tale in which he befriends the untalented heir to a restaurant owner to make a team and realize his dream. The rat controls the boy by yanking his 'hair' which is connected to his hands and so, the rat cooks and brews magic - bringing back the lost glory to the restaurant started by his idol - Auguste Gusteau. Don't let the story lead you to thinking that it is a childish movie, far from it, Ratatouille is about passion, spirit, love and determination. It is about the joy of friendship, the art of cooking and the spirit that keeps us all going. Watch it, and feel your sense s being tingled by the sheer variety of emotions that it manages to touch :)

2) Wall-E (2008)
Another super hit Pixar-Disney collaboration, Wall-E was a story about a robot named Wall-E set in the future when all of humankind has abandoned earth to continue life aboard huge spaceships especially built for their survival after planet Earth becomes unsuitable for living. The story is about Wall-E and another robot Eve and how their love story changes the course of humankind. Wall-E is all about how little things can make a huge difference - how things you think don't matter - how they play that all important part in shaping your destiny. A sheer treat from the word go, Wall-E has excellent graphics and the most humane theme ever taken up by another animation feature film. If someone ever doubted Pixar's standing as numero uno in the field of animation, this movie is enough to convince them that Pixar and Disney rule! A must MUST watch..give it a try!

3) Up (2009) Up, made again as a Disney-Pixar project is a very special movie in many,many ways. Did you know that ever since the inception of the Academy Awards, the only animated feature film to be ever nominated for the Best Film Award was "Beauty and the Beast". So, for only the second time in the 80 years of the Oscars, Up is THAT animated movie to make it to the list of movies nominated for the award of the Best Film inspite of having a separate category for the Best Animated Feature Film. Speaks a lot! Up is a simple movie about an old man and how he fulfills a promise made to his late wife, his inspiration and a chaotic and very enjoyable trip along with a boy and a dog in a, believe-it-or-not, house lifted by gas balloons! Up is made on the theme that dreamers can move mountains, that love can prep us on to do things that we could never think of even trying. Up is breathless perfection from the word go.. with such emotional depth and clarity that most of you who read this would cry like a child when the movie ends. A heart moving tale of genuine warmth and poignancy, go catch this flick and feel the joy.
If any of you do and watch any one of these movies or have already watched them, do share your experiences with me, because these movies are masterpieces - classic works of arts which are right up there in my list of all-time favorites. Until later, ciao!


When life throws stones..

Some people say

"When life throws stones, turn them into milestones"

and then there are some who say

"When life throws lemons, make lemonade"

Such simple thoughts and yet both of them just want to tell you the same thing - don't take your failures too seriously.. just the lessons learnt from them should be kept close to your heart and never forgotten. Life and failure share a much deeper relationship than life and success can ever aim to.. because failure shows you the utmost bottom of the pit, it introduces you to stark reality and it reveals your truest friends and your well-wishers. Success, on the other hand, brings along many "friends" and admirers, who conveniently disappear when they as much as smell failure.. well, life's like that :)

Cheers to success and cheers to failure, cheers to "friends" and friends.. and cheers to the lessons learnt and never forgotten..

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me.