Saturday, April 24, 2010

To be loved..

A famous thought says that there is nothing better in this world than to be loved. My perception differs just a tad bit because I think

There is no greater pleasure in this world than to love and be loved

 Am sure you got the meaning. I mean, there must be so many people out there who lose their hearts to somebody and they do not know where the relationship is heading, if there is any relationship or not, if there is a scope for any.. is it possible?

To be sure that the person you love thinks you of the same way must be one of the most difficult things in the world and the reason why I think so is because of my friends' accounts of their failed proposals to boys/girls and how they always thought that the other person loved them just the same. In such situations, I really don't know what to say because one thing is for sure.. there just cannot be anything comforting to say at this time rather than the cliched -

"Hey, atleast you know!"

What do you say to a friend who is in this situation? I would really like to know..
For I just cannot figure it out!

 PS: Akansha, if you're reading this - am sorry if this blogpost seems similar to the one on your blog
but one of my friends really needs help :)


Anonymous said...

hey firebolt,

yaa i knw hw it feels whn u dnt knww whr the relationship is headng...whn u really cant predict the futuree....

just tell ur frd-
tht he/she knows tht love for him/her was a true one from them was a true one....nd just b content wth tht cozz smeday whn tht person realises tht no one can love them as he/she does...he/she wud long for them......
ask ur frd to nt go into ny depressions nd tell thm its nt ur loss its ders...cozz u were a true lover...

i knw the person wth a broken heart wud nt b satisfied wth ths but atleast u can make up der mind nd tell them tht "thers nothng wrong in them its just the destiny or fortune playng games wth thm.... tell them dnt stop loving never knw when time will changee"...

just try to build up a postive attitude wthn them....

i hope my answer is of sme help to u!!!!

Love yaaa <3

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hey! Idiot, you don't have to be sorry... >:P

I also blogged about it after seeing 3 of my friends, all of them guys, all of them in the same situation... *rolls eyes*

About ur friend, I suppose I can't generalise, coz some people, even after a broken relation, can manage to remain friends... some others would prefer to break all ties... I suppose ur friend should just take a break from him/her for some time, and think about what they want... If the other person is unwilling to you know, reciprocate their feelings, there can be no point in forcing them to... can there be?

That ur friend loves him/her is not his/her(whoever they love) problem, I know it sounds very harsh kinda... but it's better than remaining confused, right?

Ask ur friend to enjoy their single status and live only for themselves for the time being... I know it's difficult, but tell them to be positive, somewhere down the line they would probably meet the person who would love them just as much...

Broken hearts... *sigh!*

And yeah, ur friend would probably need you to be with them... but don't force them, they would open up when they're ready... :) :)

Ria said...

The quote is jus so true!! :) I hope whoever is in this dilemma sorts it out soon.

- Sugar Cube - said...

Complicated :|
I can barely suggest anything.

Firebolt said...

@ Chengdi :
Thanks re.. I will try and sort out the mess in her head right now.. because it is all negative and pulling her down.. she really needs to understand that this is not the end of the world and she is destined for bigger and better things :) Love you lots, too!! Thanks!

@ Akansha :
It so happens with my friend that she is one of those who falls into the 'naive' category and more heartbreaking for her is the fact that this was her first brush with infatuation free- love :P

It's gonna be virtually impossible for her to even think of being friends but yes she needs to find a mid-way..I am with my friend all the way.. I know it must be the most stressful time :(

Firebolt said...

@ Ria: thanks a lot.. I pray for the same to happen, too :)

@ Suga :
:| I understand :P

Harini said...

Well, seriously I cant comment or say anything until i know much more. But all I would like to say is If someone loves you, then why will try to over come anything to be with you. They wont keep you hanging. Its difficult to tell this to people in the situation. But again I would say its an opinion i dont them nor the situation or anything. Suggestions change with situation of the guy nd gal :).

Niraj said...

Well...this situation will be well explained by the person who goes from this ...and answer would be available with the same person just need to introspect a bit...

Finally i have written a full fledged comment

Firebolt said...

@ Harini :

AWWWWWW..thanks for those suggestions.. and you are right.. they are subjective to the boy and girl in question :)

@ Niraj :

Thanks :)

Will chk out soon!

vaidehi said...

I recently encountered a similar situation too.. it does take a lot of maturity to see beyond your broken heart.. to look forward to a lot many grand things that will surely come your way. one must give it time.

Firebolt said...

@ Vaidehi :

That seems to be the hardest thing to do ..