Friday, April 9, 2010

My favorite advertisements - Part 1

Ever since I was introduced to the wonder called color television, the things I would look forward to the most were the advertisements - not that I knew the concept behind them at that time, but just the idea of an entire story being compressed into those 30 seconds was so appealing to me.. and add to that - when I was a kid, and even now when I am 20, there are some absolutely brilliant adverts on air.. and here's an ode to all the truly memorable advertisements, some to make any Indian truly nostalgic -

1) The 'Amul' ad..
Amul - the white revolution, Dr.Kurien.. Amul was undoubtedly one of the biggest brands of milk and milk products in India. This is undoubtedly one of the most sincere advertisements I have ever watched. Have been looking for the original song ever since. Amul <3

2) Cadbury
This is from the time when Shankar Mahadevan used to compose and sing for ad jingles.. and he ended up creating one of the sweetest melodies ever.. captures the joy and the happiness a Cadbury Dairy Milk can bring.. so so well!

3) Dhara cooking oil

Just one word for this - Jalebeeeeee <3

4) Bajaj automobiles
This one just goes to show how pure the advertising was in the 90s.. no frills, no sham.. but played on the emotional aspect of brand-building so so well.. Hamara kal, hamara aaj, hamara Bajaj <3

Just these for the time being people,
Will be back for more



- Sugar Cube - said...

I LOVE the dhara cooking oil Jalebi ad! The kid is soo cute!!

Firebolt said...

I knowwww..

The way he screams.. Jalebeee??


pranav said...

Nice blog. First time visiting here.
In ads, the idea and way of expressing it, is more important than the "XYZ" product.
Liked it very much. :)
Apart from this television ads, I simply love our ad which was came into existence last yr. in WAD-UG 2009 :P
"Pigamento - The Glue." :-D
Here's the link -

Firebolt said...


That was a great ad too..
Thanks for visiting the blog, yours is great too :D

Keep rocking!

pranav said...

hahaha :P
thank you. thank you.
Have you seen that video??

Firebolt said...

Yes Pranav,

I have ..
Really funny ad :P

Especially the editing.. great job! :D

vaibhavf9 said...

awesommme....!!! bajaj wala ad's clarity is not good tho...... Bt i love the cadbury wala ad..!

Firebolt said...


Cant do anything about the clarity..
but these are masterpieces!


vision91 said...

Hahaha.. Nice post!!

These are the ads that are worth watching. I love the Cadbury one. It's so simple and yet delivers the message.

I hate these celeb ads.. telling us what to wear,use,eat n drink..

Firebolt said...

@ Vision :

Thanks.. the Amul and Cadbury ones are my eternal faves.. true essence of advertising.. just connects <3

Urvashi said...

All the Ads are so so cute n really al ltime hito nes..I even like Amul butter girl...

but yeah Jaleebee kid is the cutest of all.. :)

w8ing for ur next recent fav ads r vodafone zoozoos :)

Firebolt said...


I <3 the ZooZoos too..
have their official wallpapers, one for each month! HEHEHEHHE

Will put up the next part soon :D

Anonymous said...

Hey really a nice one....

All adds r introduced by u very nicely....

Amul-True India!!!!

Cadbury-We still love it and the add is too too too amazng.

Dhara-awwwwww...tht boy says it very sweetly...shooo cute!!!!;)

Bajaj-yup rightly said no frills no sham...loved it too...!!! and it also reminds me off smethng HAMARA BAJAJ(GHRCE)... i knw u got it... lol =P

waitng for more on ths!!!!

keep tht coming more and moree!!!!

Firebolt said...


Thanks a lot Chengdi..
Wanted to capture the sincerity and emotions behind these ads =]

Nitin said...

haha.. those were the classics. i loved those ads.. when i watch em it reminds me of the smell of cold rain on mud and standing on top of the hill and watching the whole town from there. sweet sweet memories. India back then was soo much more beautiful.

Ria said...

oh wow i love them all!! :)

Firebolt said...

Awwwww Nitin,

India will always be beautiful <3
It's just that the advertising scenario has lost it's feel good factor and charm =]

Ria, thanks a lot :D

Nitin said...

india has changed a lot in some ways. i was born outside india. but when i first came here there were only 2 channels. dd1 and dd2. there were no cable tv.. there used to those Phantom comics lying around. and it air was clean and the heat was pure. you could hear the birds sing almost all the time. vast stretch of wooded areas. and bad transport. Noisy buses that smelt of diesel as it passed by. As dysfunctional as it was. its all so dear to me :).. especially that view from an elevation.. :P

Nitin said...

i kinda feel that simplicity of our lives in general has been lost. and the ads have also changed along with it. cause i look at ads as reflection of the era and attitudes of the time we live in. and so. those kinds of ads. where there is a slow narration or sweet innocent things that kids do have become a thing of the past. cause that innocence. and that simplicity has been lost to the evolution of our societies. :(. but don't dispair. we have got bipasha and john instead ;-)..

Niraj said...

hey gr8 post..back to nostalgic moments of life...Ad's were so expressive when we were kids...and not the expression has lost somewhere between technology and simplicity is replaced with modern things..but those ads remain cult forever.This year even bajaj production has stopped but the ad will remain forever and ever...

Firebolt said...


Agree : The overall level of simplicity has definitely changed.. but I guess that is how things evolve.. not really in our control. What we CAN control is our perspective :)

@ Niraj :

thanks a lot :D

Shantanu Shirpure said...

Dhara...dhara shudha dhara....
this add promoted the brand in a way that dhara and dalda became synonymous to oil and ghee!!...
have you seen the new add on same lines? in that the little kid has now grown up and his younger brother pretends to leave home..

Firebolt said...

There is a new advertisement for Dhara?

WOW I seemed to have missed it..
Thanks Shantanu..