Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When the visit to you favorite bookstore turns BAD!

Ok so the story goes like this.. it was a darn hot day with an average of 40 degree celcius. Come 5 pm and after glasses of cold coffee made at home, the temptation of going to my favorite bookstore (Crosswords) .. catching up with the most awesome books.. sitting there in that airconditioned place, relaxing and reading - the two things I love to do most..

With that thought, I drove to my favorite bookstore and then my mother called me up and asked
me to get a book called "Games People Play" by Eric Berne. I agreed and went over to the information counter, telling him the name of the book which he then entered into the library management software on the computer.. this guy was a trainee..

1) Task 1 :  Type in the name correctly
Thankfully, he did not mess up with the name and told me that the book was indeed available and strutted confidently over to a certain section of the bookstore. I was a happy girl.

2) Task 2 : Searching for the book
Clearly, this book was not about Travel and Cooking and that is why- after waiting for 5 minutes as this trainee guy searched in the wrong (apparently) column, I took a walk around and caught up with the glossies.. a good 15 minutes later, mr.trainee was searching in the philosophy section and I was almost pulling my hair out..

Finally, I lost my patience and asked him - "Excuse me, do you not know the genre the book belongs to?" and I was totally stunned to hear the answer which came almost instantly -
"Maam, there is no separate section for psychology books"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this situation... however, I asked another trainee to speed up the search process..

3) Task 3 : Remembering the name
The other guy came to help mr.trainee out.. I sighed audibly and turned around as the other guy asked him the name of the book he was searching for.. and to my utter amazement, mr.trainee could not remember the name!

He said -
"Games played by someone... people are playing.. people's games.. something  like that"

I stood there *jaw drop* .. in a BAD way!
And if that was not all, as I walked over to the regional section, I saw the hindi version of 'Chicken Soup for the soul' and .. wait for it.. it was named.. wait for it..

Aatma ke liye Amrut - pehla pyaala!

PS: They did not find the book.


☆Tharangni☆ said...

lol!!! :D that was funny! and hey shouldn't u have reported to the store management if things were'nt right?

Firebolt said...


It was all messed up Tharangni..
Everyone was behaving like a dunce!

Akansha Agrawal said...

Odyssey bhi band ho gaya :( :( otherwise management and everything had been excellent there, and oh, the ambience... nothing stays in this godforsaken place! :|

Have been to Crossword only twice, so not much of experience with it... but I guess the staff keeps changing and it's sooo difficult if you're looking for one particular book! :(

mombasa00 said... the hindi title for Chicken soup book. Amrut, heh! And that even pehla pyaala. Now i am curious about the other titles in the series. hehe

Firebolt said...

@ Akansha :

Really yaar..
Odyssey was a great place =[

I loved their free demos of playstation =P

the movies collection was great!

This experience was pathetic..

Firebolt said...

@ Mombs:

I could not stop the laughter when I read the title.. it is soooooooooooooooo corny.. !!


- Sugar Cube - said...

Aatma ke liye Amrut - pehla pyaala!

Haha! :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

I miss Odyssey too :(

Stu said...

Oh God!!! Dear you! That was such an experience!

And to top it all... Aatma ke liye Amrut- pehla pyaala!


This is life :-) This beautiful blog and your interesting accounts are LIFE :)


vision91 said...


This is a typical "Comedy of Errors" scenario!

I am sure the "aatma" of that Trainee will have some torturing.

Ria said...

omg!!cant believe crosswords cud b that bad...and whats with the weird name change in hindi! Lol!! :P

Firebolt said...

@ Sugar :

We really DO need Odyssey back yaar.. high time now! Crosswords @ Nagpur is REAL bad!! Sheesh!

@ Stu

You are life <3

Firebolt said...

@ Vision :
You bet! TOTAL comedy of errors.. but at the end of the day, comedy and tragedy.. what an experience! :P

@ Ria :
Hindi translations of titles are howlarious!

DONNA said...

i have hardly never understood why people love to buy books frm crosword and the other hep book stores... too costly fr my taste plus the new prints dun entice me..!!! (personal opinion the old pages are attractive :P.. if u talk about)

bt one thing abut crossword i cant neglect is the air conditioned environment to sit and read...though i would rather spend time on a second hand stall searching fr the right book at a bargain price... but the airconditioned room is a charmant... :P

Firebolt said...

@ Donna

I have no real specification for Crosswords but am very fond of books and Crosswords is one of those few places where you can read for hours at once and no one will say anything :)

Thus the liking.. (whatever left of it)

Anonymous said...


Aatma ke liye Amrut - pehla pyaala!!!


it did nt happen today naaa??
Other wisee u wud nt hav been such a gr88 moood...

but really a hilariouss and a irritatng situationnn...
if i wud hav been wth u i wudnt hav stopped laughing........


vaidehi said...

ha ha :D
I hope they open a Landmark in Nagpur soon.. much better equipped.

Mads said...

i thought the ahmedabad crossword stores only had terrible staff!
the chicken soup thingy took the cake, man... :|
i had asked them to find erich sehgal's oliver's story once...and that staff dude types in oliver as the author and story as the title of the book and i was just like wtf. and i had to type erich sehgal into that comp coz he didn't know the damn spelling!!

p.s- they didn't have the book!

Firebolt said...

ahahahaa Mads,

*same pinch*
I just HATE when the human factor in such great stores is so blah!