Monday, April 12, 2010

My friends..

The title may be explanatory but I intend to present my friends and my feelings about them in a really different manner. Through the course of the last few months, I have been, by sheer good luck, been able to create totally non overlapping groups of friends, who, luckily - like it that way. And what's even better is that I have been able to remain friends with them without evils like bitching and backbiting and classic mis-communication coming our way. There are some interesting observations that I have been able to make about the friends in my life.. and interestingly, ALL of them fall into one category or the other -

1) The 'old' friends
There are some friends who used to be my world while I was in school. These people continue to have an important place in my life but sadly, our bond has not been able to grow into something else over time. These were my lifeline in school, my very first secret-keepers and my first girls. I still love them and all the fond memories that they have left in my heart, to be cherished forever.

2) The 'classic' friends
There are some friends who just 'click' , who you can tune with almost instantly. These are people who become your friends before you know it.. and as is the case with me, these friends remain the best - bringing out the best in me with their spontaneity.. and by just being who they are - no frills atached.

3) The 'phone-buddies'
There are some friends who I can talk to for hours and hourssss and enjoy conversations over the largest possible range of topics important in life. It is not that our interactions in real life are any less, but however, our telephonic conversations dominate

4) The virtual friends
People who I have seldom or never met in real life but people who I know inside out. Some of them are new to me and my life and I am still getting to know them. Virtual friends are the wittiest and the most 'fun' people ever.. because there dont have to be any restrictions in the interaction. Yay!

5) The 'coffee' friends
Friends to go out and have that perfect cuppa coffee with. Friends with no hang ups.. chilled out, relaxed and with time to spare. Absolutely great people to bare you heart out to and just enjoy and soak in the moments of togetherness and friendship

6) The 'friends' of friends
Friends of friends, aaaaaah .. the common discussion topic always happens to be the common friend. But mind you, friends of friends have the potential to grow into the most trusted confidantes as well!

7) The soul sisters
These are not just friends, they are much more.. 
These are my girls, who always know what to say and do; girls who will always hear me out and tell me what to do next. Girls who can always comfort me with their resounding laughter and the big wide warm smile. Girls who possess a part of my heart <3

And to all ALL these friends,
I just want to let you know - I am so happy and SO thankful to God for sending you all into
my life and making it such a wonderful journey. Thank you guys and gals for making this world a better place just by being in it



Anonymous said...

Hey loved ur post firebolt!!!!

too cool observation and classification!!!!

Its really amazng...

Nd frds will b there for u always whenever u need them..
they r real gems of life!!!!

BTW in which category do i cme???hehehe..:)

Keep smiling and be rockng as always!!!!:D


Niraj said...

Hey gr8 Observation...
good going...

Ria said...

lovely classification hun!! :) Really liked it a lot.

Firebolt said...

@ Chengdi :
Awwwwwwwww.. you are classic+soul sister + old friend rolled all into one.. and I am glad I still have you as my friend :)


Love you lots too!

@ Niraj : Thanks :)

@ Ria :

Thankieeee.. glad you liked it!

☆Tharangni☆ said...

wowow!! its sooo .. WOW!! i really liked it! and i like virtual frmz too.. but i dont like the phony one's.. my ears pain.. so i tell em to speak in school! :) and FOAF's(frnd of a frnd) are really nice ppl too! :)

vision91 said...

Sweeett post..

Love you too


Firebolt said...

Thanks Tharangni :D

Thanks Vision,
Lov ya too!

- Sugar Cube - said...

I miss 'old' friends too.The school lifeline as you call them :)

My fav category is classic friends..just love to come across such people :D
And glad too , to have met some wonderful people on the virtual world.

Loved the post :)

You are one amazing friend :D

Firebolt said...


Thanks a lot Sugar..
Love you back, even more..

Old friends are VERY special :)
As they say - make new friends, but cherish the old