Monday, May 17, 2010

Everything falls into place..

People have many ways to deal with it : some people spend their whole lives trying to deal and cope with it, some people run scared of it all the time : what most of us dread : rejection

Rejection, for the first-timer, is very difficult to take. The first dent that someone takes, the first rejection is indeed heartbreaking for most. Sometimes there does not seem anything beyond rejection : no matter how big or small. Sometimes, one rejection is enough to dissuade from taking up the cause or even something similar again in their entire life.When such a situation stares us in the face, it is is truly difficult to try and remain composed, leave optimistic.

I, for one, believe that everything is eventually a part of a grand design. If something was not obtained or achieved, it is because in the larger picture, there is something even better planned for you. This is my philosophy in life which has helped me get over a lot of downs in life. Don't worry if things are not looking that great - have faith in yourself and your abilities, start over - everything, and I mean everything will fall into place, yes, it will



Melanie's Randomness said...

I agree that things happen for a reason too. Rejection is tough but I'm so used to it now I'm almost jaded on it. I have faith that eventually things will work out. Thanks for the reminder, I needed taht today! =)

Ria said...

Oh yes absolutely agree with ur post here. I am a firm believer of destiny for that matter.

Karthik Ragubathy said...

Ah :)

Reminds me of an intellect who said "Man ka hua toh accha , Mann ka nahi hua toh aur bhi accha " :P

Jokes Apart

Yes Rejection is a dreaded word that we hate to hear in our life . Rejection from love . Rejection from Jobs . Rejection from Society .. Rejection from everything dear to you .. It hurts

Your post reminded me of my First Rejection.. I cried up that day for almost like 4 hours. But then just as your post went ahead , I could relate that day to the post .. How Gradually i decided nothing is gonna hold me back and how I will bounce back ... And I did bounce back :)

I believe the post has something to do with you - Rejected for something ?? Don't Worry :)

Cheer up :)Nicely written post :D

Enjoy the Tunnel and not the light at the end of the tunnel

^^ Dunno why I said that bus fukat ka funda maar diya :)

Niraj said...

I agree with you completely...Rejection Cause loss in confidence even in yourelf..Rejection from som1 you never expected casue huge blow and required a lot of pain to come up with but thats life..eventually a bad day comes and we say thats the good thing of time that it changes...just believe in yourself as i am doing..

Akansha Agrawal said...

Erm... something happened? :-w

Yes, for some, rejection is difficult to take, sometimes so much so that they might end up ruining their life over it, and I find that really really scary! :-ss

Some have the strength to learn a lesson and move ahead... but most need a helping hand...

Amen to the philosophy you professed... :)

Firebolt said...

@ Melanie :
Rejection is tough, no matter when it happens.. but as you said, we just learn how to handle it better. Glad I could make you smile :)

@ Ria :
Thank you.. destiny, karma #sigh

Firebolt said...

@ Karthik :
Wow, you really did sum it up very well.. rejection comes from all quarters and then there are some days when all you seem to get is rejection, from everyone and everything.. it is THEN when you've got to pull your act together and KNOW that you can do better :)

@ Niraj :
Thanks a lot..

Firebolt said...

@ Akansha :
thanks re.. but nothing happened..
I was just in a funda maarne wala mood :P