Monday, May 3, 2010

My brother

Dear brother,
Sometimes you make it very hard to love you
But most of the times,
you make it impossible not to.

There are those special moments,
when I realize that you are the perfect foil,
to me, and all that I have grown up to be in all these years,
you've seen me grow and change

I've seen you grow and change
and I remember when you tagged along wherever I asked you to
and now I see you happily surrounded by friends
and I get a tad jealous
wishing one of those people was me

But I know, somewhere deep inside,
You love me just the same,
You don't have to show it..
You don't.. because I love you too

Dear brother,
I love you ..


Akansha Agrawal said...

Waah! you wrote post for brother *applauds* it's a nice nice poem... wonder if my brother will ever write one for me.. he's the older one... so he should write ;) :-w

Ria said...

aww...thats so so sweet!! :) Loved it.

Firebolt said...

@ Akansha


That was a half poem half write up

That explains it..
I am elder na =P

@ Ria

Thank you soooooo much <3

Nitin said...

ahh.. *hugs* dear.. chweet post!! if i was your bro. i'd give you a puppi! and a bigASSS cadbury. :P

Nitin said...

and add me up on FACEBOOK if you are on it :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

that was really sweet :D

Firebolt said...

Ahahahhaaa thanks Nitin,

For being the first male perspective on my poem for brothers :)

*hugs* back!
Will add you :)

@ Sugar :
Thanks a lot!

Samadrita said... ain't that sweet.I wish I had a brother too :D

Firebolt said...

Hawww thanks a lot Samadrita <3


ROHIT said...

it really awesum !!...

Firebolt said...

Thanks a lot Rohit :D