Thursday, May 20, 2010

WHAT is more important?

Movies like Raavan and Kites, made at enormous budgets with publicity allotments worth crores wanting a bigger share of the audience market?


Movies like Udaan, made by a first timer, so good that it was included in an official selection at Cannes?

Is this a difficult choice?
The Indian media sure seems to have some messed up priorities!


Impulsivator said...
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Impulsivator said...

It isnt a difficult choice for anyone to make. It is simply a matter of being able to see.

Its all those BLIND people who are classed 'important' (and that too by none other than themselves) who are unfortunately in the position to publicise.

Its high time the RIGHT people entered the media and made News of what really IS News and not of Money

Shame on them.
Wish them diwaalia!

blunt edges said...

hmmm...dunno what's "important"...but honestly i sure am looking forward to the 2 big budget movies! :¦

Firebolt said...

Ofcourse everyone is looking forward to the two big movies, even I am because they are gonna end the dry spell here at Bollywood..

But a film making it to Cannes after 7 years should be deemed equally important, ATLEAST on the day of it's Cannes screening!

Firebolt said...

@ Impulsivator :

I am not even talking about the 2 months of publicity that the other two movies are enjoying.. but just ONE day!

Niraj said...

Well I believe there are talents which are not tapped by movie industry..For nice story to be told does no require a face value...Its the story that should be the hero..

Firebolt said...

Agreed Niraj,

Talent should be tapped..
but when talent has been recognized by Cannes, media should atleast 'promote' it!

Ria said...

I agree with what blunt edges has said. Today is the world created out of whoever does more pulicity gets it...sad yet true!!

Harshad Naik said...

The Indian Media rarely goes out to events that dont reach out to the "Average common man(= regular people lacking the depth, as well as the inclination to take interest)".., so i guess you cant really blame the media-for them its more about business and less about creating an Awakening

Firebolt said...


It's not about making a difference to the common man, it's what is making 'news', that is what should be covered, isnt it? And if Raavan and Kites can go to Cannes for screenings, why cannot be there respectable coverage for an OFFICIAL selection at Cannes, that happens to be an Indian film?

vision91 said...

I think everyone looks for what is "flashy". Some flashy so-called superstar and some flashy heroine.

Its a shame they couldn't reserve ATLEAST 1 min for Udaan but could afford a whole 30-min program to showcase the glamour which is not the exact reason the event was held.

Firebolt said...


TOTALLY agree.. :(