Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spread some light.

Spread some light., originally uploaded by tipsytoes.

Blogging after a long hiatus..
It was a blogging hiatus of course, because I was occupied with exams and some other very uninteresting things.

As my favorite festival comes knocking again,
I share with you all this new photograph clicked by me.. this year, I have vowed not to indulge in bursting loud and polluting crackers and to have a totally eco-friendly Diwali. Enjoy the sweets, the festivities, the diyas, the warmth, the smiles on your relatives' faces, splurging on new clothes and getting gifts from your brothers on Bhai-dooj :)

Happy Diwali friends!



Dhanu said...

happy Diwali to u too my frnd :)
I like ur 'Green Diwali' thingy..
cheers !

Firebolt said...

Thank you so much Dhanu :)

May you have an awesome Diwali!! :D

Ria said...

HAppy diwali to u too dear!! Hope u had a good time.

- Sugar Cube - said...

Happy Diwali :))

Nice click !

Firebolt said...

Thank you Ria and Sugar :D


Hope you have an awesome year ahead!!

Anonymous said...

oh this is what you were talking about the other day.. lovely!

Firebolt said...

Thank you :D

rehabc said...

Love this capture.

you really must blog more often. You have a way with words...

Firebolt said...

Thank you so much :)