Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some boxes should be turned upside down =]

No, this is not a sentimental post and nor is it philosophical.It is just about the random things in life that always make me happy. It was just yesterday, that my mom gifted me a pair of beautiful Nike shoes - and as always, the shoes were perfect. However, when the procedure of trying out the new shoes and walking/running around in them had been done with, something happened and the box that the shoes came in, was turned upside down. This box was going straight to the dustbin if not for my intervention because I am always on the lookout for such quirky things.

They say, inspiration can come from anywhere. And for me, somehow, the Nike sign has always been a sign of inspiration and more so it's famous tag line - "Just Do it!" Three simple words - but they mean so much..don't think, just do it. Don't look for reasons, just go ahead and do it. Don't crib around do nothing, get up and just do it. Don't let others bog you down, just do it. Three simple words, three magical words for me.. the simplistic logo and the minimalistic yet so universally appealing tag line really does something to me whenever I see it. That is why, the photograph above, that shows the bottom of the Nike shoe box is kind of special for me. Yeah, I know, you must think I am really weird.. but I'd like to maintain I am really random .. you never know what thing just pops up and grabs your attention!

As we are now talking about the brand, one more reason why I love it dates back to the time when Nike and Adidas were having this huge marketing war with each brand trying to outdo the other. Adidas went a little further and started twisting Nike's taglines to appear on it's clothing line.

When Nike said - Just Do It
Adidas printed - Why Do It?

When Nike said - There is no finish line
Adidas said - When there is no finish line, why bother?

I am no Adidas hater but the extent to which the brand went, vying to outdo Nike always had me glued to the action. Nevertheless, without resorting to such jabs, Nike stuck to it's clean avatar and in the end Nike proved another of it's tagline true-
No Games, Just Sports.

Gosh, that was REALLY random.. but hey - just wanted to share these little things with everyone.. if you are reading this, do let me know which one you prefer - Nike or Adidas? Till then, let inspiration come from all places!



Priyanka said...

nike is always preferred over adidas by me personally.... :)

its really gr8 to read ths.... a simple nike box... inspired u to write ths.... nd thts smethng 2 b appreciated....

gr8 sukhi gr8!!!!

Firebolt said...

Hey thanks Priyanka..

Somehow, packing and bags always attract me.. strange na? But that's how it is for me..

And yea - Nike is way too classier =]


☆Tharangni☆ said...

>>In reply to my post<<
@Firebolt: Thanks! :) Well.. sadly the thing is that i can't play the guitar.. :'(
and thanks! :D

Firebolt said...

@Tharangni :
I've been wanting to learn too.. let's hope we'll both learn how to play it soon :D

☆Tharangni☆ said...

hi! you got an award~
and yep! lets hope so! :)

Firebolt said...


Thank you so much for the award..

Mwah mwah .. <3

- Sugar Cube - said...

I love your random thoughts and the way you put them :-)

Three simple words - but they mean so much..don't think, just do it. Don't look for reasons, just go ahead and do it. Don't crib around do nothing, get up and just do it. Don't let others bog you down, just do it.
:) :) :)

I love to observe the entire AD feud that goes around.Its so much fun :-D the ideas these ppl use to take on each other - its amusing :P

Btw , I prefer Reebok :D lol

*** And of course you and choc both are true friends :D hehe

Stu said...

Absolutely love you for being you.

Nike all the way baby!

Firebolt said...

@ Sugar Cube :

Something about fancy brands I guess.. or maybe it just happened to BE there at the right time.. hehehe..
and you're choosing a middle way? Hawwww!!



Firebolt said...

@ Stu


Me wuv you too! :D

Niraj said...

I will go with nike...Its far better than adidas...hey nice post..thats what life is...Random !!

Life is just random days club together for years to live...

Firebolt said...


One more for Nike :D

RandomizingLife - that's what I was gonna name my blog first :D

Hehehehhee.. thx

Dhanu said...

luvddd ittt !! :) <3
'no games only sports' :)

Firebolt said...

I love that tagline the most too!

Super awesomeness :D