Thursday, March 4, 2010

When life throws stones..

Some people say

"When life throws stones, turn them into milestones"

and then there are some who say

"When life throws lemons, make lemonade"

Such simple thoughts and yet both of them just want to tell you the same thing - don't take your failures too seriously.. just the lessons learnt from them should be kept close to your heart and never forgotten. Life and failure share a much deeper relationship than life and success can ever aim to.. because failure shows you the utmost bottom of the pit, it introduces you to stark reality and it reveals your truest friends and your well-wishers. Success, on the other hand, brings along many "friends" and admirers, who conveniently disappear when they as much as smell failure.. well, life's like that :)

Cheers to success and cheers to failure, cheers to "friends" and friends.. and cheers to the lessons learnt and never forgotten..

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me.


vaibhavf9 said...

Well said...! I wonder who are the 'friends' though..!! This blog is a bit generalised, dont u think?? Hoping for something more substantial in the future...... but a good one for the starters.. keep it up..!!

Firebolt said...

^ Vaibhav,

This blog IS meant to be generalised.. meant to be a vent for all the thoughts that keep swimming around in my head.. in a way, make me think WAY too much about somethings that are better expressed when penned down ..


prisoner said...

and theres one who says

'when life throws lemons, throw them at your enemies, or simply throw them back at life!!'


Firebolt said...

Hahahhahaa ..
and that might be ... you!


Dhanu said...

Hey Sukhiiii !!
awesome thots :)
beautiful thngs writn by a beautiful human !
proud to b ur 'friend'(hugs)

Firebolt said...


Am glad to have you too, buddy!