Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They said IPL is the young cricketer's game! BAH!

When the Indian Premier League kick-started for 2010, one was accustomed to listen to the same old commentators, the same old people in India who think they know everything about cricket and that they are the final authority on the subject - that IPL is not for the 'old' cricketers - or those who are nearing their retirement.

And then..

Cometh the hour, 
Cometh the man.. 

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Not just the captain of the Mumbai Indians, which is sitting pretty at the top of the table, but also one of the highest run-grossers of the tournament! Sample this - 303 runs from 6 innings - a staggering average of 60.60 and now his kitty boasts of 7 IPL fifties.. whoa!

If just numbers make up the stuff that pleases the commentators and shuts up the critics, this man has it all! He proves again and yet again, that age is just a number.. a wizard can display his magic anywhere..

And certainly -

Old is gold


That does feel good. Being a staunch Sachin loyalist, just had to get this out of my system. Go Sachin! Rock and roll!


☆Tharangni☆ said...

well.. i do like sachin.. (in the indian team).. but im a CSK fan.. :D

Poornima said...

Very well said yaar..

There is absolutely no one like it the national team or the Mumbai Indians..he is numero uno =)

Niraj said...

Hey I completely agree with your point. Not only Sachin but majority of players who are performing in IPL 2010 are Oldies which include lights of Kallis,Ganguly,Anil Kumble,etc..

It's just old wine in new format.

Firebolt said...

Yes Niraj..

Of course it's a platform for new talent, but I am glad all the so called 'old' players as the commentators and 'experts' put it, have proved that they are still the very best :D

Dhanu said...

Sachinnnn <3

Firebolt said...

PS: Pode,
The pads he's using are the same ones he uses for the national team :D

vaibhavf9 said...

kiti lihinar sachin var?? it wl never b enough..!!

Firebolt said...

Ofcourse it will never be enough - my love for him is undying :D

<3 you Sachin!

Neha said...

Sachin is the God of Cricket..and those who always tried to criticize him; stopped doing it after his 200..he rocks!!!

Firebolt said...

Yup ..

By far, there is no one NEAR him! :D

Anonymous said...

Every one knws he is the best!!!!

whnevr he cmes to the field its just a one man show !!!!




Sorcerer said...

hmm...Yeah..and so is Shane Warne.
yes..Iam loyal to Rajasthan Royals!

But you said it.. Sachin is one and only one.Sachin

We are proud cuz he is Indian!

Firebolt said...


One man show cannot be truer..
Sachin paaji - tussi hamesha chaa jate ho :D

@ Sorcerer :
Ofcourse, him being an Indian is a matter of immense immense pride <3

vision91 said...

The MASTER never grows old..
It's the class of the man that is emulated in the Mumbai Indians clan.

Nobody changes Sachin.. But Sachin changes everyone.

Nice post!
Luvveddd it...

- Sugar Cube - said...

I;m not much into cricket :D
All I can say are one heck of a FAN !!

lol..but I seriously wanna go watch the IPL :D
Will ya be going ??

Firebolt said...


*all hail Sachin*

You remember the day he hit 200? I was in happy happy tears.. gosh what a moment that was - supreme mastery.. sublime class <3

Most prolly am going for the match on the 12th.. what are your plans??

- Sugar Cube - said...

Oh I wanna go on the 12th too :P
Trying to fix it up.
Lets see!

Lets pray :P

Firebolt said...


Because I am planning for the match on the 12th too.. north/south stand tickets are for Rs.500!


- Sugar Cube - said...

lol..not bad!
One my friends told me the tickets are for 3000 bucks :O..and that the free ones are not available :P

I'll need to get in touch with a reliable source.

Firebolt said...

Free ones are available of my friends got 2!

And the 3000 ruppees wala ticket - your friend wasnt lying.. the north/south ground floor seats cost that much! :P

Mads said...

sahi hai yaar :D u like cricket :D hi5 che
im not sure if u remember me..errr i commented on this controversial post of urs then promised to follow u, and never came back :|
harshita keeps telling me how good ur blog is n how sweet u are :)
reading all ur posts now... :)
TC :)
and waise, completely agree with u..DRAVID!! :D