Thursday, March 4, 2010

No more 'cartoons' ..

The recent releases from the animation industry - full length animation movies have literally made us change our view and perception towards an industry which was, for long, thought to be meant to cater only to a target audience of kids and teens. For the last 3 years, the animation industry, spearheaded by Pixar and Disney, have rolled out not one, not two but three masterpieces which, in this humble writer's opinion - everyone MUST watch. Two of the three movies that I am going to mention have won the Oscar in 2007 and 2009. The third on the list has been nominated for the 'Best Picture' category for the 2010 Oscars and there are a lot of reasons why it might just end up, as the winner..without much ado, let us kick-start the glorious list -

1) Ratatouille (2007)
Does the name ring a bell? Do you recall Remy? Remy, the rat who dreamt of becoming a chef? Yes, the plot of the movie may really seem amateur but the handling of the movie and the sheer emotional texture of the movie sets everything right. Made three years ago by Pixar, Ratatouille opened to amazing critical and popular reviews and in days to come, was a runaway hit and among many other honors, was awarded the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2007. A simple, unbelievable at first, story of a rat who is so passionate about cooking and a lively tale in which he befriends the untalented heir to a restaurant owner to make a team and realize his dream. The rat controls the boy by yanking his 'hair' which is connected to his hands and so, the rat cooks and brews magic - bringing back the lost glory to the restaurant started by his idol - Auguste Gusteau. Don't let the story lead you to thinking that it is a childish movie, far from it, Ratatouille is about passion, spirit, love and determination. It is about the joy of friendship, the art of cooking and the spirit that keeps us all going. Watch it, and feel your sense s being tingled by the sheer variety of emotions that it manages to touch :)

2) Wall-E (2008)
Another super hit Pixar-Disney collaboration, Wall-E was a story about a robot named Wall-E set in the future when all of humankind has abandoned earth to continue life aboard huge spaceships especially built for their survival after planet Earth becomes unsuitable for living. The story is about Wall-E and another robot Eve and how their love story changes the course of humankind. Wall-E is all about how little things can make a huge difference - how things you think don't matter - how they play that all important part in shaping your destiny. A sheer treat from the word go, Wall-E has excellent graphics and the most humane theme ever taken up by another animation feature film. If someone ever doubted Pixar's standing as numero uno in the field of animation, this movie is enough to convince them that Pixar and Disney rule! A must MUST watch..give it a try!

3) Up (2009) Up, made again as a Disney-Pixar project is a very special movie in many,many ways. Did you know that ever since the inception of the Academy Awards, the only animated feature film to be ever nominated for the Best Film Award was "Beauty and the Beast". So, for only the second time in the 80 years of the Oscars, Up is THAT animated movie to make it to the list of movies nominated for the award of the Best Film inspite of having a separate category for the Best Animated Feature Film. Speaks a lot! Up is a simple movie about an old man and how he fulfills a promise made to his late wife, his inspiration and a chaotic and very enjoyable trip along with a boy and a dog in a, believe-it-or-not, house lifted by gas balloons! Up is made on the theme that dreamers can move mountains, that love can prep us on to do things that we could never think of even trying. Up is breathless perfection from the word go.. with such emotional depth and clarity that most of you who read this would cry like a child when the movie ends. A heart moving tale of genuine warmth and poignancy, go catch this flick and feel the joy.
If any of you do and watch any one of these movies or have already watched them, do share your experiences with me, because these movies are masterpieces - classic works of arts which are right up there in my list of all-time favorites. Until later, ciao!



Aditya Tayade said...

loved ratatouille....
the anime was awesome...n it sure made my mouth water...
thanks to apple board for kicking jobs out f his job!!....

Firebolt said...


Do you know that the entire animation team was sent to culinary experts across europe to get the texture and look of the food right?



Anonymous said...

Up deserves an Oscar, pronto!
Nice selection .. all the movies are fantastic!


Monster said...

havent seen ANY...
but i think you've got me to wanna watch!
well written!!

but still...

i like the cartoon cartoons better!
they're just the BESHHHTT!


- Sugar Cube - said...

I'm yet to see ALL of them! :|

Firebolt said...

Gosh Suga!

You must MUST watch them - ALL ! XD