Thursday, June 3, 2010

I don't appreciate

1) Double standards
2) Men being rude to women
3) Swearing in public
4) Spitting/smoking in public places
5) Child labor
6) Rude teachers
7) Impatient parents
8) Insensitive friends
9) Cruelty towards animals
10) Arrogance


Niraj said...

I agree with point no 2,8,10 specially..

Nitin said...

a pretty small list of 10... my list goes longer though.. :P..

Ria said...

well said!! my list is quite similar to yours.

Shas said...

Your list is pretty small as compared to mine.

Firebolt said...

Nitin and Shas,
Am gonna add points as and when they strike me :P
Otherwise, my mental list is humungous!! :P

Thanks Niraj and Ria..

ROHIT said...

ARROGANCE wud top in my list !!

Firebolt said...


I did not write that in particular order..
all these things annoy the heck out me - equally!