Friday, September 9, 2011

Cooking show overload!

My TV screen is flooded with TV shows about cooking. From Top Chef to Masterchef, from Nigella's Kitchen to Rachel Allen's 'Bake', it's food all around. The latest show that caught my fancy was Top Chef : Just Desserts.

Such a beautiful concept. An entire reality show about pastry chefs and each challenge revolving around desserts. From cakes to fondues, from souffles to pastries, from different types of donuts to what not, a delightful treat for the senses.

My biggest gripe with these shows is that I don't know half of the ingredients they use! My mind boggles with each mention of a exotic ingredient which I have absolutely no clue about. And again, being a vegetarian makes things worse. I am of the strong belief that people should come up with a vegetarian version of Masterchef or Top Chef - that would be something! :D

Apart from that,
these shows make me wish I was a really kick-ass cook. I end up with a feeling similar to the one I had when I finished watching the delightful movie about cooking, 'Julie and Julia' (if you've not watched it, please do - you can thank me later) .. Mmmmmm.. I think I should now get something to eat as all this mention of cooking shows has got my mouth watering.

Bon Appetit! 


- Sugar Cube - said...

:D :D
You a veggie ? Didn't know that :)

I'm in support of vegetarian version of Masterchef or Top Chef :D

And seriously after watching these shows even am like :O

Rondeep said...

Being a veggie and foodie myself, I totally support your idea of a vegetarian version of Masterchef or Top Chef. Also thanks for the recco on 'Julie and Julia.'

Firebolt said...

@Sugar :

You and me are sailing in the same boat..
Hahaahah .. just the amount of food on these shows makes my head spin..

and makes me SO insanely hungry!!

Firebolt said...

@ Rondeep :
Watch it soon - lovely movie! :D