Monday, January 24, 2011


Most of times, one is thinking about other people's egos .. other people's ego issues, mind games and what not.. but very rarely do we sit and evaluate our own standing on these parameters. Then come along some stressful conditions and situations which make us sit up and take into account that our own standing
is no matter of a moral high, but questionable to say the least.

Our ego snares up and shows its ugly head when we find it difficult to apologize, boast unnecessarily, cannot take suggestions, will not share problems with our juniors, and do not share credit. It happens before you know it and knowing our mind and heart, those moments keep flashing in your head, drilling into you the fact that your ego needs a big wala check.

It is moments like these when you appreciate the people around you, for tolerating you and your ego, and for never letting go.

Ego comes with a huge appetite.



Amit Gupta said...

Ego is a big reason for people not achieving their true potential

Bikramjit said...

yeah we need to keep a check on our ego.. a lot pf problems can be soleved if only we keep a check on our ego's


Anonymous said...

lovely, thoughtful post :)

NG said...

Good blog... Quite candid about emotions people wont care (and dare) to talk in public :)

Something similar I wrote a few days back

W!((!@M said...

ive come across a very simple and yet a very honest post (embedded with a lot of awakening)after a long time... cheers dude! awesome post!!

Firebolt said...

Thank you for your lovely comments :)

That reminds me, I must blog soon!

rutu said...

love ur way with words.. awesome blogging... check out mine at

Firebolt said...

Thank you so much Rutu :)
Will visit your blog rightaway!